Equipment Recommendations For The Boss Build Up


To get the most out of this program it's helpful to have a few pieces of equipment. Your items don't have to look exactly like ours. Here's a list of the equipment we use as well as common household items you can use in their place:

  • Yoga mat 
    • Carpet
    • Blanket
  • Dumbbells and Kettlebells
    • Water jugs
    • Laundry detergent jugs with handles (fill them with water to increase the weight!)
  • Yoga block
    • A pillow
    • A lightweight, sturdy water bottle
    • A book
  • Power band
    • Can be purchased online. Reputable brands: Rogue, TRX, Perform Better.
    • More durable but also pricier than the thin, flat resistance bands. 
  • Long Resistance Bands:
    • These are the most versatile of the bands because they can be tied and untied to create loop bands, power bands and long resistance bands. Reputable brands are the same as above: Perform Better, Theraband, TRX, Synergee.
  • Loop Resistance Bands:
    • Can be purchased online for just a few dollars. Here are some reputable brands: Perform Better, Theraband, TRX, Synergee
    • If you buy a long resistance band, you can tie it in a knot to get a loop. Then, untie it to use it like a power band.
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