Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, Group Workshops & Exercise Programs for Santa Barbara and Beyond.


No more worries about pain, leaking and prolapse. You're in the right place. 

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Trust your body, so you can enjoy what you do ‚Äď be it sports, daily life, or playing with the kids.¬†


A variety of programs and services, so you can find what fits your needs and reach your goals quickly. 


Reconnect with your body through mindful movement and exercises that promote healing. 

Popular Services

Physical Therapy & Training

One-on-one sessions are tailored to meet your needs. They can include pelvic health and orthopedic PT or personal training with a dedicated home program. Sessions can be over telehealth or in-person. Find out what's best for you and schedule your appointment by booking a free call with Annick.  

Physical Therapy and Pelvic Health in Santa Barbara, CA, and Beyond.
Pelvic Health Workshops and Telehealth Physical Therapy in Santa Barbara, CA.

Popular Course For During Pregnancy

The Birth Body Program

The Birth Body Program has follow-along workouts and tips to move more comfortably through pregnancy and prepare your body for birthing and a strong postpartum recovery. 


Popular Course For Postpartum

The Boss Build Up

This is a 6-week postpartum rehab and return to exercise program covering pelvic health, diastasis, functional movements for moms and more. We start with the basics to encourage healing and reconnecting with your body. We then build up to lifting, running and agility by the 6th week to get you feeling strong for the daily tasks of motherhood and your active lifestyle. This is completely online so it can be accomplished anytime, anywhere!

Online and in-person postpartum classes in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and beyond.

Local Programs in Santa Barbara

Annick periodically teaches popular local group programs on pelvic health, postpartum return to exercise, and preparing the body for birth.

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Free Pelvic Health Resources


Pelvic Health Screen

This¬†screening tool can let you know‚Äď with 91% accuracy‚Äď if you can benefit from pelvic floor PT.¬†

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Pelvic Health Mini Course

Follow along exercise videos and educational content on supporting your pelvic floor (and full body!). 

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Pelvic Health Quiz

This 2-minute quiz teaches about pelvic health and can let you know if you can benefit from PT.

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What People Are Saying

Our clients' experience speaks volumes. 

"There is no way I would be in the shape I am today without Annick’s guidance and the convenience of telehealth. It is a huge confidence boost to be able to do the sports I love to do again!" 


"Annick has a wealth of knowledge! Her simple, practical approach towards addressing my physical therapy needs made it easy for me to integrate into my daily life. Her friendly and professional demeanor made both my Telehealth and in-person evaluation all the more fun. I highly recommend her services and I am so glad I reached out to her when I did with issues that I had been coping with for over 12 years postpartum. Thank you Annick!"


"I have been feeling really good and strong since my session with Annick. The glute and lower ab activation worked magic. No leaking and my pelvic heaviness has improved!


It Takes A Village

We've created a list of local and online resources to help you on your motherhood journey. 


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