Hi, I'm Annick
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pelvic Health and Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist 
Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Coach
Birth Doula


I've worked with women in orthopedic and sports-based settings for over 10 years after earning my doctor of physical therapy degree at UCSF in San Francisco. Additionally I have earned certifications and specialties in obstetrics, pelvic health, perinatal fitness, and orthopedics. 

I created P2P to solve a problem. Too often, women have been unable to attend physical therapy due to the challenges that come during pregnant and postpartum life. What began as a mobile physical therapy clinic has expanded into various touch points like group classes, workshops, online programs and personal training. People can and should have access to the care and guidance they deserve, no matter their journey. 

I love to work with women during pregnancy and postpartum because of the positive impact movement and exercise guidance can have. During these times, the body’s changes can be confusing and hard to navigate, but with the right support, women can be empowered to stay active and feel their best. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping someone continue to do what they love during such a transformative time.

Dr. Annick Lamb offers pelvic health and physical therapy in Santa Barbara & telehealth and telemedicine throughout California.

Why Pregnancy To Performance?


Pregnancy To Performance is dedicated to helping women stay active during and after pregnancy. This is not your conventional PT clinic – It is so much more!

We offer a variety of programs to meet you where you're at. Whether it's looking for a flexible program that can be accomplished from home, finding a fun community with group classes, or getting a tailored program to reach your goals, Pregnancy To Performance is here for you. 


Professional Certifications and Affiliates


I am dedicated to lifelong learning, collaborating and specializing in order to best serve my clients. 

Get a Freebie!


Not sure where to start? We can meet one-on-one with a free consultation to talk about your situation, goals and what programs are best for you.



You're also welcome to checkout some free offerings that we have to educate on pelvic health. 

Pelvic Health Screen

This tool can let you know– with 91% accuracy– if you can benefit from pelvic floor PT. 


Pelvic Health Mini Course

Follow along exercise videos and educational content on supporting your pelvic floor (and full body!). 


P2P Welcomes All Genders

Dr. Lamb is licensed to provide physical therapy in the state of California. 

Coaching services and educational videos available everywhere. 

PO Box 932, Santa Barbara, CA 93102 – T: (805) 284-7299 – F: (805) 586-0632 – [email protected]