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Pregnancy To Performance, LLC and Boss Fitness, LLC

I desire to purchase and watch a video recording for a class including exercise and lecture created by Pregnancy To Performance, LLC and Boss Fitness LLC. 

In agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, I affirm that I have read, accept and understand this form in its entirety and that I understand the nature of exercise. I know that there may be risks associated with fitness classes and willingly accept those possibilities. I know that it is my responsibility to ensure my own safety. I take full responsibility for my own health and safety in participating in the follow along exercise videos and educational videos and to the extent I deem advisable, will consult a physician before participating in any of the activities.


In consideration for being allowed to participate in this activity, which I do freely and voluntarily for my own personal benefit, I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns to:

1.Waive, release and discharge from any and all liability to Pregnancy To Performance, LLC or Boss Fitness, LLC for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, or property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me in activities related to my training.

2.Indemnify and hold harmless Pregnancy To Performance, LLC and BossFitness, LLC from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of or relating to my participation in this activity. Therefore, intending to be bound and as a condition of being allowed to participate in the exercise class and lecture, have freely selected to accept these terms & conditions on the date indicated.


In purchasing this product, you will receive an email and a log in with access to the videos and educational content. You will have access to the video recordings for at least 12 months.

Returns are not offered greater than one week after purchase or once the content has been received and unlocked. The content becomes unlocked when the Pre Course Questionnaire is completed and you check the box indicating you are cleared for exercise. If you are not cleared for exercise, the content will remain locked and you will be eligible for a refund up to one week after purchase. 

The content in this course is not to be reproduced or shared. If log-ins from multiple locations are detected we reserve the right to cancel your account without refund. This may be disputed and resolved to regain access to your account.

I understand that this is not physical therapy. This means that diagnosis and treatment is not included in the class and that all information shared will be general advice and not specific to me. I understand that I am responsible for monitoring my own condition throughout my workouts. Should any unusual symptoms occur, I will cease my participation and inform my doctor.


The Boss Build Up- Online

Build strength and confidence in your body and abilities over the course of this 6-week program. Created as a collaboration between pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Annick Lamb, and perinatal exercise specialist, Steph Potter, this program bridges the gap between pelvic health and training for the perfect postpartum recovery program.

What you'll get:

  • 2x 20-30min workouts each week for 6 weeks
  • Full follow-along videos in an easy-to-use app
  • Basic equipment needs so every workout can be done at home
  • New workouts released each week so you can go at your own pace
  • Each video melds restorative and progressive exercises for the perfect mix of rehab and fitness
  • Bonus videos include: pelvic floor overview, diastasis recti repair and more
  • Weekly core or cardio challenges
  • Regular email check-ins to keep you on track
  • Access to the course for 12 months 

What People Are Saying:

Exercising for me post partum turned out to be a lot more challenging than I had anticipated. I was tired, not feeling like myself, my body felt “off” and I was just overwhelmed at the thought of exercise. The Boss Build Up was exactly what I was looking for as it provided me education, motivation, community and a lot of fun!

Boss build up helped me learn about my postpartum body and taught me how to start healing properly. They are huge advocates for not having to just go on living with a dysfunctional pelvic floor/surrounding muscles.

A lot of things shift during pregnancy and postpartum but it doesn’t mean it is now permanent despite what you may be told by others! They are super friendly, hardworking and genuinely want to see you succeed in whichever goal you may have.

I didn’t know my postpartum body needed the TLC Boss Build Up provided. After the course not only do I feel confident in my workouts but more comfortable over all. My body is way less achey from doing everyday ‘mom movements’!

I really needed that both physically and mentally. Annick and Steph were such incredible and sweet teachers and added so much value to my life! Thank you!!!!